Adela is a junior at Olin college studying Mechanical Engineering with a focus in Robotics. Her passions for building and developing robot platforms have led her to work on omni-directional underwater vehicles to designing her own interactive robot from scratch. You can find more info at her website


Dara is a sophomore at Babson College very passionate about Entrepreneurship and interested in Engineering. Dara is also an aspiring music artist and businessman who cares about making the world a more interesting and understanding place. Find him and his crazy ideas on twitter @thedarajams.


Evan is a sophomore at Olin College studying Computing. He has a passion for web technologies and the internet. Evan has very recently become interested in artificial intelligence and hopes to gain a broader knowledge of the subject through this project. You can find him on twitter @evanmsimpson.


Slater is also a sophomore at Olin College still struggling to be tied down to a major. He has passions for education, climate modelling, natural language processing, sustainability, and more things than he can really name.