Universal Database Interface

In order to maintain a simple, consistent interface to our remote database, our web application and master control program use the same interface to perform identical commands. The following code represents the three main functions used in the operation of the SwarmBots, get, getAll, and update.

// This function is used for retrieving the single document that has the matching uid.
var get = function (collection, uid, callback){
  var args = Array.prototype.slice.call(arguments, 1);
  callback = typeof args[args.length - 1] == 'function' ? args.pop() : null;
  if (typeof uid != 'string'){
    collection.findOne({_id: uid}, callback);
    collection.findOne({sid: uid}, callback);

// This function is used for retrieving all of the documents in a given collection.
var getAll = function(collection, callback){

// This function is used for updating a single document in the database.
var update = function (collection, doc, callback){
  if (doc["_id"] != null){
    // The "upsert: true" means that a new document is created if one to update is not found.
    collection.update({"_id": doc["_id"]}, doc, {upsert: true}, callback);
    collection.update({sid: doc.sid}, doc, {upsert: true}, callback);

As an example of how these functions are implemented, see these test functions:

// Called by client to update a document in the collection 'test'
exports.updateTest = function (db, doc, callback){
  var collection = db.collection('test');
  update(collection, doc, callback);

// Called get a document from collection 'test' matching uid.
exports.getTest = function (db, uid, callback){
  var collection = db.collection('test');
  get(collection, uid, callback);
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