Bill of Materials

BOM Reflects current design of swarmbot.

Note that you could reduce costs by choosing to build your own arduino from scratch.

Acrylic Sheet (You can get a 20” x 32” x 0.093” sheet from Home Depot for about $15)

Jumper Cables (Alternatively you could make your

SubsystemItem (file name if applicable)QtyMaterialCostSubtotalWebsite (if Applicable)
MechanicalWheel (wheel_2)2acrylic$0.29$0.58
Mechanicalspacer .650” diam (spacer_625diam)2acrylic$0.03$0.06
Mechanicalspacer .500” diam (spacer_500diam)2acrylic$0.02$0.04
Mechanicalside panel (SidePanel_lasercut_2)2acrylic$0.22$0.44
Mechanicaltop panel (top_lasercut_2)1acrylic$0.30$0.60
Mechanicalcross braces (crossbrace)2acrylic$0.06$0.12
MechanicalStructure to hold mouse (cardboard or scrap wood)2wood/cardboard$0.05$0.10
ElectricalH Bridges (TI SN754410)1N/A– IC$2.00$2.00
ElectricalMotors (Vigor Precision BO-1 1:48)2N/A$4.95$9.90
ElectricalMouse Encoder1N/A$5.00$5.00
ElectricalNRF Radio1N/A$4.00$4.00
Total Cost$42.84

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