SwarmBots Vision

Imagine controlling a swarm of Robots just with your Twitter or Facebook account.

We are going to create a virtual world with varying play surfaces such as maps that enables users from all over to play our game. The goal of the game is to let users control multiple Robots to complete a challenging yet entertaining task. We are giving people the ability to become great coders and robot masterminds just by doing what they do every day. Using Facebook as our home for the game and Twitter to execute commands this full integration of social media and real life actions is the cutting edge and future of gaming. We are going to create a Twitter account as a team and use our account to dictate the order in which people play, as well as the place people will send their commands for their robots. As their devices communicate with our computer, our computer will communicate with the robots.

This is marketable really to anyone who has a social media presence and has an interest in robots. This also a great way to get people interested in robotics and computer sciences which is the industry of the future.

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