Plan of Action

(Our Proposal)

We anticipate having two robotic vehicles that can navigate in a hard coded virtual world without running into each other.
These robots will have some degree of location awareness, move in sync, and communicate to each other. They will all be controlled by a single laptop computer over serial radio.

Brief overview of subsystems: The Mechanical Subsystem- Goal is to make robots that can be assembled in a matter of minutes and are robust. The Electrical Subsystem - Goal is to make our own arduinos from scratch that will interface with Nordic’s nRF24L01 + 2.4GHz RF radios. We plan on making our own obstacle detection sensors through phototransistors and LEDs. The Software Subsytem- Goal is to be able to take commands from the laptop and use the arduino + radio combination to move the robot around. The software portion is responsible for complex movement between the robots.

Far Reaching Goal: Control our robots through a web app that’s connected to facebook and twitter.
This could also involve some game design.

If you’d like to view our proposal in full, please go to our google doc

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